Horizontal cartoner CARTOPAC SC/SI 5

The "SI/SC 5" series has been developed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This equipment operates at low and medium capacities: up to 100 and 200 cartons/minute respectively.
Modular design allows easy integration of additional functions, ensuring optimal adaptation to changing packaging process requirements.
Working principle is intermittent or continuous.

  • The equipment fully meets all EU and GMP requirements
  • Compact size and small footprint
  • Simple and reproducible format changeover, almost tool-free
  • Modular construction allowing machine preparation for additional functions in the future
  • Use of servo drive technology for quick changeover


  • Tubes
  • Blisters
  • Vials
  • Ampules
  • Pouches, bottles, sachets
  • Trays
  • Spoons
  • Cannulas


iwk cartopac sc 5, картонер фармация, картонер косметика

Model SC 5 SI 5
Working principle continuous intermittent
Format range
machine with 4 chains
A: 20-100 mm
B: 15-100 mm
H: 65-230 mm
A: 20-100 mm
B: 15-100 mm
H: 65-230 mm
Max. output 200 cartons/min. 100 cartons/min.

The following basic functions are available on all machine types:

  • Product infeed;
  • Product infeed with erection of cartons;
  • Product infeed, leaflet infeed;
  • Tuck-in closure system of cartons and/or glue closure, safe closure with a tamper evident control;
  • Registration, embossing, control elements (code reader).

The following product infeed systems are available depending on the machine type:

  • Tube infeed systems;
  • Bottle infeed (via a star wheel or auger);
  • Infeed of ampules, spoons or cannulas;
  • Transportation systems with 2-6 axes;
  • Preliminary sorting, placing and grouping of complex products for infeed and packaging into cartons.


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