We supply lines for all process steps in the liquid filling of OTC products, diagnostics and dietary supplements

We combine technological innovation with exemplary service - that is our benchmark. We achieve our goals with our broad and proven portfolio of machines, lines and systems.

  • We want to optimally meet your desired requirements
  • You will always receive innovative technology and process solutions that are state-of-the-art
  • We offer maximum process reliability through the greatest possible risk minimization
  • We meet all hygiene and GMP requirements
  • All production processes are designed to be safe, efficient and future-oriented

We guarantee reliable production processes and excellent results through safe and stable line development and line construction for our customers around the world.
We also ensure a sustainable and resource-saving approach when planning and implementing the lines.

Stockpiling and feeding

Each line is situated in a unique environment. We are happy to advise you on how the items processed on the line can be stockpiled and fed. On this basis, we will develop an individual concept that is precisely tailored to your situation, the type of container and the delivery of the items. We use different technologies to feed the items, for example:

  • Vibration bunkers, sorters and turntables
  • Robot applications that we have been using for years and are constantly developing further
  • Bulk goods or trays (also reusable systems) for bottles, closures and other packaging components.
Robotic arms insert the supplied items into transport systems, transport pucks or directly into a downstream machine in an extremely product-friendly manner.

Turntable for storing and feeding the glass or plastic bottles
Turntable for storing and feeding the glass or plastic bottles
Blow out and suction

Our blow-out machine ensures easy yet efficient cleaning of the items. The process is carried out overhead. Another highlight that can be carried out is the deionization.

The machine can process a large range of round and stable items. Thanks to the machine’s clear structure, the easy accessibility and the simple format change, the groninger lines allow problem-free and efficient operation.

It is possible to integrate the blow-out or suction process directly on the filling machine and to carry it out immediately before filling.

Equipment for cleaning (blowing out and suction) the packaging materials
Equipment for cleaning (blowing out and suction) the packaging materials
Filling and cleaning

Whether semi-automatic for small quantities or as fully automatic high-performance machines, groninger systems impress with their technological diversity. Due to the variety of filling systems (e.g., rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump or mass flow measurement system) it makes it possible to fill low to high viscosity products.

This allows you maximum economic flexibility in use, while we ensure maximum process reliability for small and large filling volumes.

groninger lines also offer different cleaning options for the filling system:

  • Cold cleaning
  • Hot cleaning
  • Sanitizing or sterilizing with CIP/SIP

Thanks to our redundant filling systems, synchronous filling and cleaning becomes possible on one line, allowing you to use the line's capacities in a highly efficient manner. groninger uses a pump change trolley for manual cleaning. It removes the filling system quickly and easily from the line so that it can then be cleaned manually.

Filling and cleaning
Station for filling

Careful pressing and exact screwing is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to closing primary packaging. We can guarantee this for a large number of different closures.

Depending on the closure used, we use one of two types of closing machines.

  • For press-on and screw caps as well as spray and dispenser pumps, but also for multi-part caps, we use clocked closing machines;
  • For round, flat and shaped bottles with a wide variety of caps, we rely on continuous running high-performance closing machines.

Thanks to the latest servo drives, the clocked modules can be used flexibly and combined with one another. They facilitate various screwing modes (torque, stop and angle) and, above all, provide careful container closing. What is crucial here, is the the servo-motor screwing guarantees an exact and reproducible torque.

At the same time, using this type of technology with its flexible setting options ensures that future formats can also be set up and processed on the line without any problems.

Closing CHC products
Station for screwing plastic screw caps and pressing on measuring cups

Depending on the line and product, it is recommended to use either continuous or intermittent item transport throughout the line - or a combination of both. Our conveyor belts are optimized for careful and smooth movement.

We prefer to use walking beams with a hygienic design for the filling and closing machine. Depending on your needs, items that are not stable and cannot be stowed can also be moved in the transport puck.

Our intelligent transport systems also facilitate the use of freely programmable transport carriers, ensuring the greatest possible flexibility in groninger’s classic processing lines.

Intermittent transport of packaging materials through the entire line
Intermittent transport of packaging materials through the entire line
Labeling and marking

What’s inside? Of course, labeling and marking can also be seamlessly integrated into the processes of groninger lines.

With a star wheel guidance, the packaging is guided precisely to the labeling station, where it is precisely labeled by the massaging belt. In this way, at the end of the process there is a finished product: packed, marked, and labeled.

We use different printers for the printing processes, from which you can select the one that suits your needs and application; we use thermal transfer printers and laser printers in particular.

Our labelers have a strip end and a strip tear-off monitoring; to be able to control the optimal result of these processes, we rely on the use of vision systems. Thanks to their compact design, groninger labelers can also be used in tight spaces--either as a single machine or in line.

Bottom labeling of the filled packaging materials
Bottom labeling of the filled packaging materials
Further development, service, IoT

We want to grow with our tasks. This is why research and development is so important to us, a reason why we work closely with our customers and suppliers. We would like to develop the optimal concept individually for you, which is exactly tailored to your needs. We can achieve that by developing and implementing it together with you. We learn from that.

And that is why we are constantly working on innovations: In the area of IoT we offer some features such as automation, improved analyses or personalization.

Extensive documentation and validation of our line is as much a part of every order as outstanding service available at short notice, even after commissioning a line.

Remote maintenance of the machine by using a tablet
Remote maintenance of the machine by using a tablet

Customer-oriented and flexible line concepts

From planning to long after the finished line has been commissioned: We want to provide our customers with a solution that is right for them and therefore ensure excellent product management and outstanding service.

The latest technical standards and hygienic design in the sensitive areas of the line make our machines stand out. At the same time, we ensure that we meet our customers’ product diversity and desired efficiency.

Especially when it comes to the area of ​​consumer healthcare machines, we focus on linear versions of our lines. This allows the operator good access to the line from all sides, the interior of the machine is clearly visible and can be easily cleaned (cleaning and clearance).

The servomotors used for all movements of the line allow all processes to be carried out safely, effectively and precisely. With different test stations such as scales, a torque check or camera systems for optimal visual quality assurance, we ensure that your customers will always receive flawless products.

Our complete solutions also include the extensive documentation and validation. This will allow you to master your challenges.

Line example for processing sprays and drops - up to 7,200 objects per hour
Line example for processing sprays and drops - up to 7,200 objects per hour

Output of up to 60 units per minute

Rotary unit

Individually adapted to your requirements, a wide range of machine functions can be implemented on this system, including pre and post-gassing, filling, using droppers and spray pumps, sealing and torque-monitored pre- and post-screwing with servo motors.


  • Filling systems: RKP or peristaltic pump
  • Pre and post-gassing
  • Closing with up to three components
  • Labeling and identification
  • Test systems
  • Filling volume: up to 500 ml per container
  • Fast format change without tools (SMED)
  • Intuitive operation of the HMI with format and recipe management, audit trail and batch reports


The filler enables good filling performance for large-volume containers, even with foaming products. The closing section provides the entire range of closing processes, such as using droppers and spray pumps, sealing and torque-monitored pre and post-screwing with servo motors. If needed, the machine can also directly perform wrap-round item labeling.


  • Filling systems: RKP, peristaltic pump, MDM with option for CIP/SIP
  • Pre and post-gassing
  • Closing with up to three components
  • Labeling and identification
  • Test systems
  • Filling volume: up to 1,000 mn per container
  • Fast format change without tools (SMED)
  • Intuitive operation of the HMI with format and recipe management, audit trail and batch report
Output 120 - 200 units per minute

This machine concept offers a production output of 120 to 200 containers per minute. The highly flexible line transports, fills and closes primarily stable and round containers with drip inserts, screw caps, pumps and measuring cups.


  • Ionization, blowing out/suction and filling can be combined one after the other
  • Possibility of pre-gassing and an in-process control (weighing station)
  • CIP/SIP cleaning system
  • LF-optimized and compliant design
  • Bottleneck centering during the filling and closing process
  • Filling volume: up to 250 ml per container

Our selected comprehensive solutions for filling and closing consumer healthcare

Thanks to our ready engineered philosophy, you will receive a fully designed and well thought-out line concept upon delivery, which offers you plenty of design freedom and flexibility. Our lines process exactly those products that are in high demand on the healthcare market. These include over-the-counter medicines, oral products to strengthen the immune system and combat colds, hygiene items such as oral hygiene, dietary supplements, diagnostics, and skin and hair care products. With our many years of know-how in the field of processes and lines for consumer healthcare, we are able provide you with the best possible support right from the start.

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