Mini Batch Blender

Mini-Batch Blender with additional equipment

The mini-batch blender is specially designed for blending small batches and for trails. The gravity blender can be extended by the following components:
  • Active mixer for blending of difficult products
  • NIR (Near-Infrared) - system for real-time monitoring of blend uniformity;
  • Movable frame construction with safe housing for a flexible use;
  • Additional components can be assembled without any tools and easily integrate into the PLC.
All accessories can be assembled without tools and easily connected to the control unit. Despite the variety of options, great importance was placed on creating a fully compliant design with GMP regulations with a user-friendly control panel.


Mini Batch Blender Servolift

Technical data of mini-batch blender
Max. load 150 kg
Dimensions (A x B x C) 1620 x 1320 x 1800 mm
Blender cabinet
(D x E x F)
940 x 490 x 1475 mm
Wheels Frontside: 2 fixed wheels
Backside: 2 swivel castors with brake
Material: polyamide
Protection cover Acrylic glass with closed section of aluminum
Material outside AISI 316L / AISI 304, Ra≤ 1,4 μm
Material product contact AISI 316L, Ra≤ 0,8 μm
Blending bins Individual exchangeable containers, drums, double cone bins, special bins
(see examples with 60° below↓)
Drum Pharmaceutical drum
Double cone bin Double cone bin
Container Container
Integrated implements mounted by triclamp connection: as an example a NIR-system and active mixer are depicted in the schematics.
Additional functions Optional: heated container, spraying system, vacuum connection
Blending drive Frequency adjustable worm gear motor with brake
Revolution speed 5-20 U/min, adjustable
Blending time 0-99 min, adjustable
Rotating direction Crosswise to the cabinet
Control SPS, Siemens S7
Operating Touchpanel Lauer WOP 10“
Electrical supply 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Power 1,5 kW (only blender) /
Power 0,75 kW (active mixer)
Connection Standardized plug CEK ON (16A)


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