FP series medium-speed machines

Efficient Tube Filling and Sealing Platform. Flexibility, performance and ergonomics were the key development criteria when it came to the new FP tube filling machine series. Like all of the machines, this new tube filler generation ensures technical precision, features modern control technologies as well as a high level of efficiency.


  • Proven in the field for decades;
  • Excellent accessibility from all sides;
  • Maximum process reliability by use of servo technology;
  • Flexible positioning of working stations to fit your floor space requirements;
  • Robust, high accurate transport system with motorized height adjustment;
  • No possibility to stretch the transport chain;
  • Accurate positioning of the tubes in the working stations.


Plastic & laminate tubes: ø 10 – 63.5 mm;
Metal tubes: ø 10 – 50 mm;
Tube length: 60 – 250 mm;
Volume: 1.5 – 700 ml.
Small footprint, best accessibility, GMP design.


Toothpaste, adhesive cream for dentures, ointment, cream, gel, shampoo, hair-dye, conditioner, adhesives, paint, silicon, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, margarine.

Tube materials:
Aluminum, Alu-laminate, PE, PElaminate, Koex.

Tube forms:
Cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval, conical, dispenser (dispenser, inserting of pistons) Mascara pencils, cartouches, jars, tottles (capping).

Model FP 18-1 34-1 34-2 46-2 46-3 64-3
Max. output (tubes/min) 120 120 220 220 300 300
No. of tube holders 18 34 34 46 46 64
No. of filling heads 1 1 2 2 3 3


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