Our company was founded in 2005

At the very beginning of our activity we set up a technological laboratory on finished pharmaceutical products together with Research Institute of Pharmacy of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Among others, such processes as mixing during production of dry inhalational forms, food lactobacillus granulation and technologies of refreshing tablet production etc. were worked out. At that moment we had a chance to focus on scientific tasks trying to help manufacturing enterprises in technology development and understanding mass exchanging processes.

The results proved that national manufacturers extremely needed support in solving every-day production tasks.

This experience determined the direction of our company further development: rendering of full range of services including maintenance.

our philosophy

  • We do not supply equipment - we search for partners. Each project, independent of its goal, scope and budget, begins with partner choice
  • Commitment to our job and good faith – this is our credo
  • To sell and forget – this certainly has nothing to do with us
  • We do not try to earn money by imposing additional services and unnecessary options
  • If we can help for free we will certainly do this no - matter what weekday and time it is
  • We appreciate reliable and decent people
  • Problem solution on our market means improvement of the life quality of our fellow citizens as well as of ours
  • We realize that hard work and good faith to our partners today will give us ourselves a chance to buy high-quality pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products tomorrow
  • Let’s create comfortable conditions for work and life together.

our profile

As a part of our daily activity we try to keep our partners, both existing and future ones, informed on the possibilities which we can use to solve certain technological and production tasks.

We try to interconnect different mentalities and cultures while solving set tasks serving as a bridge between customers and equipment manufacturers. Our activity is limited to the production sphere which includes pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Our goal is to find ways to improve what we have today and not to cover all possible domains.

Our partners in Germany and Switzerland manufacture high-quality technological and packing equipment observing all requirements and standards of the European Union. Our local partners are focused on practical tasks which they solve on a daily basis: production of high-quality products for their fellow citizens according to all current requirements. We all should stay competitive on certain markets and this concerns both parties. We try to harmonize relationships between our foreign and local partners. We level the relationships trying to facilitate and speed up communication and solving of occurring problems.

Our actions speak for themselves. We implemented such complicated projects as supply and commissioning of the isolator lines for antineoplastic injectable form production, high-contamination solid form production, filling of pre-sterilized syringes, sterile filling of eye and nasal drops and other projects.
Your company profit in mutual projects is our future sales!

Official representative in Russia and CIS