MINI-PACTOR compactor®

The MINI-PACTOR® is the ideal roller compactor for laboratory development. It can process materials as few as 10g. At the same time the machine can easily handle pilot projects and small scale production batches. Scale-up to our full scare production machines is the fastest on the market due to our harmonized PACTOR®-designs.

  • SMALL AMOUNT FUNNEL: For trials with small quantities.
  • HMI: Customisable HMI placement within the laboratory. Bilingual user interface available.
  • CONTAINMENT: Wash-In-Place and fully automated Clean-In-Place available.
  • WIP & CIP: Containment level down to 1 μg/m3 (OEB4) possible without attaching an isolator.
  • SAMPLING: Ribbon and granule sampling possible. Contained sampling available.
  • MILLING: The oscillating mill design reduces the energy impact onto the product.

Available options include:

Press roller surface: smooth, knurled or custom design.
Granulator: star rotor or pocket type with pre-crushing feature.
Custom built interface to connect with pneumatic or mechanical conveyor systems.
Wash-in-Place and Clean-in-Place solutions
Seamless integration with MES-software


Throughput: max. 100 kg/h
Press Force: 1 - 20 kN/cm
Roller Speed: 1 - 30 rpm
Gap: 1 - 6 mm
Weight: 1200 kg

Official representative in Russia and CIS