Our smallest roller compactor, the Mini-Polygran® hits the perfect balance between performance and flexibility for placement within the laboratory. This machine can process materials as few as 10g. Maintenance can be completed in one of the industry’s fastest times, due to the unique POLYGRAN® - setup of individual machine parts.

  • INLET FUNNEL: For manual feeding of your product. Optional interfaces are available.
  • SMALL AMOUNT FUNNEL: Available for trials with small quantities.
  • HMI: Windows-based PC with fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant control system.
  • PRESS ROLLERS: Available with different surfaces for various process requirements.
  • MILLING: Different granulator rotors & screen sizes are available for various process requirements.
  • SUBFRAME WITH WHEELS: For convenient placement within the laboratory.

Available options include:

Press roller surface: smooth, knurled or custom design
Granulator: star rotor or pocket type.
Wash-In-Place: pre-washing solution for additional comfort and safety


Technical Data
Throughput max. 50 kg/h
Press Force 1 - 15 kN/cm
Roller Speed 1 - 10 rpm
Gap 1 - 4 mm
Weight 500 kg

Official representative in Russia and CIS