Semiautomatic container washing system

The SERVOLIFT cleaning station ensures optimal internal container cleaning in a fully automated process.
This is based on a 4x washing program, which provides reproducible wash cycles combined with user- and recipe management. Suitable wash programs are defined which are adapted to individual contamination and container geometry. Wheels and an ergonomic handle make the system movable and easy to manoeuver. The integrated printer documents the individually executed steps of the washing cycle. Outside cleaning is done manually, and completes the entire semi-automatic washing process. The system can be extended to a validation-capable, separate drying station in order to reduce production container downtimes. As an alternative, one can integrate a drying unit into the semi-automatic wash station.

Technical description:

  • PLC control, adhering to GAMP 5 guidelines with password and recipe management up to CFR 21 part 11 implementation.
  • Lifting device for internal cleaning lance with automatic height-adjustment.
  • Device for internal drums cleaning.
  • Turntable for ergonomic handling by manually turning the container for outside cleaning and inspection.
  • Buffer tanks, heat exchangers, detergent dosing system and other devices and accessories.

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