Container blender

Blending with high flexibility

Since about 20 years SERVOLIFT sets the benchmark by „blending within a closed system“. The necessary blend quality is reached only by the square geometry of the container which requires no internal blend paddels. The blender design allows the handling of the container by common hand pallet jacks. The container blender can be equipped with a lot of additional functions:
  • Reloading or sizing station;
  • Container discharging immediately after blending by means of container lifting to the required height;
  • Container stop in the home position (zero position);
  • Explosion-proof design;
  • Online indication and processing of the mixing quality data by means of a NIR – system (Near-Infrared);
  • Supply of the granulation liquid;
  • And much more.
All this makes the Servolift blender one of the most in-demand in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Parametric characteristics of the mixers.

Clamp mode Number of clamps Max. load capacity Blend gear Size of container* Volume
Manual 2 500 kg NG 2000 / 4,5 kWt 1000*1000 mm 600 l
Manual 2 from 550 to 1000 kg NG 4000 / 5,5 кВт 1000*1000 mm 1300 l
Automatical 2 from 550 to 1000 kg NG 4000 / 7,5 kWt 1000*1000 mm 1300 l
Automatical 4 from 600 to 1000 kg NG 4000 / 7,5 kWt 1200*1200 mm 1300 l
Automatical 4 from 1050 to 1750 кг NG 5000 / 11 kWt 1200*1200 mm 2600 l


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