Mobile lifter with a weighing system

Transportation. Lifting. Weighing.

This mobile lifter meets all the requirements of pharmaceutical production. The lifter can combine a number of production functions, such as:

  • automatic weighing,
  • dustless product transfer,
  • dust aspiration,
  • discharge aid for bad-flowing products
  • quick and simple assembly and disassembly of the product-contact components.

Servolift is always ready to meet the needs of its customers.


Mobile lifter

  1. supporting arm
  2. frontcase with integrated scale
  3. column
  4. cabinet with drive unit, control, operation- and indication terminal and printer

Mobile lifter
  1. transfer piece with butterfly-valve and dust cap
  2. tube with vibrator
  3. clamping device for discharge tube
  4. mounting trolley

Pick-up position for the container.

Pick-up position for the systemtube.

Emptying position.

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