Container lifting column

Short description

 Container lifting column specially designed for loading tablet presses, blister lines and other equipment where media is unloaded from the container by gravity. The features of the stationary lifting column are compact design and ease of use. The problem of labor-intensive container unloading operations is solved. A hydraulic lifting mechanism allows precise positioning of the container or actuator (calibrator, double butterfly valve for highly active pharmaceutical ingredients) to the docking point of the next process step. Different configuration options are possible by agreement with the customer. After lifting, automatic positioning and docking to the loading or unloading position takes place. Various options and tools make it possible to transform the lifting column into a complete technological station to perform various operations.


Container lifting column

Index Description Parameters Example
F Max. permissible load According to customer specifications 1 kg – 1800 kg 800 kg
D Ceiling height According to customer specifications 4000 mm
C Container size (length of side) According to customer specifications 1000 mm х 1000 mm
W Swivel angle According to customer specifications
max. 270°
S Column height D – 125 mm 4000 mm – 125 mm = 3875 mm
Max. Maximum lift D – 1100 mm, depending on the permissible load and the ledge 4000 mm – 1250 mm = 2750 mm
Min. Minimum lift 15 mm
A Angle of rotation of the extended column - the middle of the container 800 mm – 15 00 mm depending on the permissible load and container size 1400 mm
L Unit length including bracket A+C/2+475 1400 mm + 1000 mm/2 + 475 mm = 2375 mm
P Support plate (*) в mm 520 х 520 for 500 kg
620 х 620 for 500 kg
770 х 770 for 1250 kg
620 mm х 620 mm
B Width of support arm C + 80 mm < 800 kg – permissible load
C + 260 mm >800 kg – permissible load
1000 mm + 80 mm = 1080 mm

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