Vertical product transfer system

 The vertical product transfer system is used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and designed to transfer products between different processes vertically - from level to level.
 When carrying out a vertical product transfer, the characteristics of the product to be transferred and the height of the product transfer should be taken into account. The product is moved due to the pneumatic backup of the column in the opposite direction to the mass transfer direction.
 The special design of the vertical piping separates and compacts the product at the start of the process.  Among other things, it allows a quick changeover from product to product thanks to the fast cleaning option.

  • Adjustable product movement speed
  • Product movement without mechanical division
  • Eliminating cross-contamination processes

  • The docking devices can be dismantled and cleaned. Thus, the system demonstrates a GMP-compliant design.

    Control: pneumatic/electropneumatic
    Product: powder, granulate and tablets
    Drop speed: adjustable


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