Stationary platform lifter

Our Platform Lifts are also very popular as elevators in vertical processing trains where going to a dirty freight elevator is not an option. Bio-Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ also use these to lift smaller items to platforms around media and buffer prep tanks.


  • Lifting Capacity to 700 kg,
  • Lifting Heights to 2 m,
  • Push-to-Call operation up to 5 levels,
  • Can be free standing, or also attached to the ceiling,
  • Explosion proof for all classes and divisions,
  • Cleanroom ready to Class 100,
  • Full Washdown,
  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316L,
  • Any level of finish,
  • Controls offered from simple relay logic to fully automated PLC/HMI operation,
  • 100% customizable for any possible application!

Official representative in Russia and CIS