Feedcell (up to 100 cycles/min.)

This flexible, high speed machine sorts, collates, orients, and places products in a precise manner. When the machine’s vision system senses the orientation of randomly placed products moving rapidly down the conveyor, the robot picks up the product, properly orients it and deposits it into a bucket conveyor, cartoning operation or other downstream machine. The picking cell performs its functions in a smooth, organized fashion, and integrates seamlessly with other machines on the production line.


  • Modularized robot transfer system;
  • Customized solutions possible;
  • For each product optimal feeding and transfer solution;
  • Transparent protective guarding made of polycarbonate (PC) for easy visibility of the function area;
  • Large protective doors on the front, incl. safety switches with lock, to allow simple access for format changes and fault elimination;
  • Controlled by its own or by the cartoning machine.

Official representative in Russia and CIS