Online monitoring of homogeneous blending

Nowadays many pharmaceutical companies tend to produce the highest quality products and strive to increase production efficiency, while using on-line laboratory analysis methods at their production facilities.

By strictly controlling the production process, it is possible to optimize the use of materials and reduce or eliminate material that does not meet specifications, thereby reducing recycling or disposal costs.


Real-time control of the mixing ratio, homogeneity of the components.
Product homogeneity data measurement

NIR is used to determine product homogeneity. It does not require any preconditioning of the device prior to measurement. The measurement data are used to determine the final mixing point.


  • ATEX: EX II D 1/2 IP65 T80
  • Operating pressure 30 bar
  • Dimensions: 220x220x135 mm / 5 kg
  • ROZ90 Sapphire window
  • Standby light source
  • BlueTooth, RS 232, RS 422
  • Wavelength range 350-1750 mm
  • Color camera with resolution 80μ
  • PC-control
  • Operation at ambient temperatures from -10 to 40°C
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance required

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