Drum blender

  The SERVOLIFT drum blender is designed to fit the needs of the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries. It is equipped with user-friendly technology. With the lifting function, the drum can be lifted from the floor or a drum dolly and raised to the blending height.

  • for integration in upstream and downstream processes;
  • for transferring or sieving contents into bins positioned underneath;
  • for easy manual or hydraulic handling of drums;
  • for blending a wide variety of bins with the help of suitable pick-up systems.
Drum Blender


Drum blender without lifting function Drum blender with lifting function
Dimensional drawing of a drum blender Drum blender with the lifting function

Technical specifications:

Max. load capacity:

150 kg

200 kg

300 kg




Stainless steel, GMP - compliant


Blending, lifting/lowering, clamping/releasing, forward/backward tilting, forward/backward slewing, drum positioning

Filling degree:

20 - 80%

Areas of application:

Pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries

Applicable for:

Stainless steel, steel, plastic drums, fiber drums, silos


50 L to 400 L


Solids, free-flowing


5 - 25 rpm

Control system:

Relay or programmable logic control (PLC)


Safety light barrier or curtain, laser scanner or safety prompt on the access door

Official representative in Russia and CIS