Milling / Sieving

The mobile unit is equipped with a cone mill with a lifting function. It is designed to level the maximum height difference.

  • Milling of the granulate into pharma drums or containers;
  • Discharge of the wet granulate out of the mixer;
  • Product discharge out of the fluid-bed drier;
  • The machine is also used for weighing and milling during intermediate processes wherever a homogeneous product or granulate is to be obtained.

Simple operation, minimum dead weight, and easy-to-operate lever make the milling station versatile and independent of the conditions under which other devices are placed. The operator interface (with control lever, switch buttons, speed readout, potentiometer) is built into the control cabinet behind the column and easily accessible. The simple design of the mill allows it to be easily disassembled before washing. The adjustable height makes it easy to service the entire machine. Thanks to the modular design, the mill performance can be adjusted according to the product properties by changing the mill sieve and adjusting the rotation speed of the impeller.

Discharging into a container via the calibrator



Сone mill

ServoWitt 150

ServoWitt 200

ServoWitt 250


1500 kg/h

2300 kg/h

3200 kg/h


Choosable in geometries and diameter


Conical with two arms, square profile (dry milling), round profile (wet milling)

Inlet – Triclamp ISO 2852

ND 150

ND 200

ND 250

Outlet – Triclamp ISO 2852

ND 150

ND 200

ND 300


Adjustable with integrated frequency converter or with fixed revolution speed possible

Power sieving

4,0 kW

5,5 kW

Power lifting

1,5 kW


Manually, easy to position

Electrical supply

220/400 V, 50 Hz


Standardizised plug CEK ON (16A) - EN 60204

Protect class

IP 54

Ex-protection (optional)

ATEX II 2 G/D (Zone 1/21)


Total height column (A)

A 1950 mm**

Max. lift height (B)

1820 mm**

Min. lift height (C)

1040 mm**

Overhang sieve (D)

604 mm**

Total length (E)

1940 mm**

Width chassis (F)

860 mm**

Operational area

Pharmacy, food technology, chemical and related industries

* depends on a product
** dimensions are adjustable according to individual needs (i.e. telescopic version)

Official representative in Russia and CIS