TFS 80 high-speed machine

IWK is a leading company on the market of the medium-speed and high-speed automatic tube filling machines due to the highest performance and reliability, intelligent control for optimal process cycles and the process safety.

The new tube filling line TFS 80-8 guarantees a complete monitoring and control of the weight, which significantly reduces the percentage of overfilled tubes. The TFS 80-8 is the highest speed machine in the world with the output of 750 tubes per minute.

A wide range of options and auxiliary equipment such as IWK tube feeding systems, as well as the integration of downstream equipment without additional communication devices, guarantees compliance with the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry. Most mechanical stroke and cam settings are rendered obsolete by use of servo technology. The movement parameters are set automatically by the servo drives in case of product changeover. Setup and downtime are significantly reduced thanks to quick-change systems.

Advanced bearings with grease storage chambers allow extending the service intervals, significantly reducing maintenance costs.



Model TFS 80-1 TFS 80-2 TFS 80-4 TFS 80-6 TFS 80-8
Tube diameter (mm) 11-60 50-250 22-40 22-40 22-28
Total lengh of tubes (mm) 50-285 50-250 85-225 85-225 102-192
Dosing volume (ml) 1.0-400 1.0-400 2,0-200 2,0-200 2,0-100
Max. output (tubes/min) 100 180 340 510 750
Rated capacity 3 x 400 V/ 50 Hz


Toothpaste, adhesive cream for dentures, ointment, cream, gel, shampoo, hair-dye, adhesives, paint, silicon.

Tube materials:
Aluminium, Alu-laminate, PE, PElaminate, Koex.

Tube forms:
Cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval, conical, dispenser (dispenser, inserting of pistons) Mascara pencils, cartouches, jars, tottles (capping).


  • Tube feeding systems;
  • Tube dedusting;
  • Cap tightening;
  • Product infeed: filling systems for highest dosing accuracy, easy to clean, no dripping and stringing;
  • CIP, SIP, explosion-proof execution, compliance with requirements for clean rooms);
  • Quality control systems: particles, cap presence, deformed tube rims, rejection of bad tubes;
  • Gas purging;
  • Discharge of good tube for downstream processing.

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