Pilot blender

The demand of our customers is a small blender for containers with a volume of 1-250 litres. SERVOLIFT offers the right system, consisting of one blender, one or more containers as well as one lifting column which can be manoeuvred easily.
The characteristics of this system are the small space required for the blender, the simple handling of the container and the safe docking onto tablet presses.



Pos. Installation 1 Installation 2 Installation 3
Space required 3450x2750
including parking space for mobile unit
2900х3500 including parking space for mobile unit 2050х2750
Operating Operator panel outside the production area Data input directly at the blender start/stop by remote control Membrane keyboard mounted at pharma wall
Protection Safety light barrier combined with safety chain Laserscanner A query of the access door
Technical description (blender) Stationary Mobile
L x B x H
(without container)
800 х 450 х 1450 mm 980 х 880 х 1670 mm
Container From 1 to 250 l
Filling degree 20% - 80%
Container geometry Containers, drums, double cones, ...
Load capacity (product) 150 kg
Speed 5 – 25 U / min
Power 2,2 kW
Design Stainless steel GMP conform
Product Solid free-flowing
Documentation / Qualification Several qualification bases available
Ex-proof protection Gem. Atex Zone 1 / 2 / 21 / 22


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